The Baby Item I Use Everyday – That no one told me to get

The Baby Item I Use Everyday – That no one told me to get

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My Most Used Baby Item

As a mom, I always find myself looking for ways to occupy my son so I can get a few things done. As I’ve learned babies get bored of the same things pretty fast. That go-to toy will soon be less than interesting to your baby.

I believe that baby toys and gadgets are made just for the sanity of the parents. They are made to bring some ease to our lives and entertain our children for just a few minutes so our arms don’t break off from lifting and carrying a baby all day long. (My baby is heavy!!!)

Parents are often judged for everything they do. Society tells us we need to hold, play or entertain our babies 100 percent of the time. And if we use carriers or playards then we are neglecting our babies. Honestly, if I didn’t have these things my house would be a wreck and I would never cook, seriously never. My baby doesn’t like naps or sleeping alone so this momma has to get things done one way or another.

What Do I Really Need For A Baby?!

When I was pregnant I remember reading blog after blog about baby items people just couldn’t live without, and I often thought does a baby really desire a wipe warmer? I never understood that one. But you know what, if that helps your baby get through diaper changes, or keeps them happy then so be it! Do babies really need a swing or a rock n play? Probably not, but for the sanity of the parents, yes, babies DO needs swings and rock n plays. So what I’m saying is – baby items are made to make the parent’s life a little easier, they aren’t made for the baby, let’s be honest.

I am currently asking myself (as I write this in bed next to my sleeping baby) did I really need to buy an expensive crib? Will my baby ever sleep in his own bed? I don’t have the answer, but for now, I will soak in co-sleeping and night snuggles.

This brings me to my most used baby item, something I never thought I would literally use every day and multiple times a day. So, what is it?!

A Baby Walker – Kolcraft Tiny Steps Activity Walker 2-in-1

Baby Walker
Kolcraft Tiny Steps Activity Walker 2-in-1

The walker I went with is Kolcraft tiny steps which you can find here from amazon. I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this one and it has worked perfectly for us so I highly recommend getting this exact one. This item has prime shipping. If you haven’t tried amazon prime sign up for your free 30- day trial & get free 2-day shipping!  Click below to sign up! It’s also on sale right now!! 

Really? A Baby Walker??

Yes, a baby walker of all things. This has been a life saver since my son was almost 4 months old. Might seem a little young, huh? Well, my son has always, always loved to stand. It got to the point where he would fuss until I was holding him while he stood on my lap. So I did a little research and decided that a baby walker would be the next thing we “had” to get him. I didn’t think at just under four months he would be running around but I thought maybe I could just put him in it and he could stand and be entertained while I do things around the house.

Well, he loved it immediately. At first, we would put him in it with a pillow under his legs so he could rest them since he was still young. But seriously within a week or two he started running around and having a blast in his walker.

It Makes My Baby Happy

Every morning after we play in bed and get dressed for the day we go downstairs and I put him in his walker, he runs straight to our sliding glass door and waits for me to take kika outside to go potty. He loves standing there watching us every morning.

I am still super surprised how well my son can operate the walker. He can back up and turn sharp corners, when he sees something he wants he will run at it and laugh. Just today he was chasing kika (our dog) around our kitchen table. His new-found entertainment is running toward something, then closing his eyes waiting for impact- it’s so funny. He will also wonder into the laundry room and pick up the broom then walk out like he’s innocent. We have such an explorer.

He loves to stand by the dishwasher and try to grab the dishes and watches me cook – sometimes getting fussy because he wants all the food these days! We recently discovered the joy of heading out to our enclosed patio and letting him and kika run around and play together. Plus who doesn’t love fresh air?!

My son loves it and it makes him happy so that makes me happy!

Why Else Do I Love It?

This specific walker also turns into a push walker to help baby learn to walk – we will soon be converting it for him. Our busy bee loves to explore, crawl and pull himself up on everything. You can also adjust the seat straps to fit your baby’s height, which is great that it grows with baby.

One last thing I love about it, is the seat that holds your baby comes off and is washer safe. He’s had plenty of accidents (diaper explosions) while in his walker and I just rinse it off and throw it in the wash. And the toys that come with it come off, at first he did not like the toys for whatever reason, so it is good to know that you can take them off and on as needed.

I know it’s a silly baby item to rave about, but it is the most useful item out of all the things we have bought. I wouldn’t be able to get anything done during the day without it. And even though I know he will eventually outgrow it, for now I will enjoy this safe distraction for my son.

Remember: You should always supervise your baby at all times no matter what they are doing. You should never leave your child in the Activity Walker for extended amounts of time. Like I said, I use it as a safe distraction for my son while trying to get things done.

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