Care Package Creations

Care Package Creations


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When my husband was deployed I got very creative with his care packages. Not only did I love sending him things but making the care packages also helped pass time.

You can send a care package to anyone! A college student, friend, relative, it doesn’t have to be someone overseas. Before my husband was ever deployed we were living in separate states, and I would send him care packages just to show that I was thinking of him.

I bet you can think of at least one person who could use a special care package!

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Here are my four easy steps:


First I’ll let you in on a secret. If you are sending a package to someone in the military you can order all your shipping needs through USPS here. This includes ALL your supplies: boxes, tape, labels, customs forms, etc. They ship the supplies directly to you for FREE! There is also a link there that will help you fill out the forms if you aren’t sure how.

— If you don’t want to order your supplies you can go into any postal office and they should have the same supplies.


This is the fun part, making your boring flat rate box pop! I always like to coordinate my decorating with holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. If there isn’t anything coming up you could simply write something like “I miss you”.

Think of something special you both like and go with it. Here are just a few ideas if you’re stuck:

  • Movie Theme (Starwars)
  • Colored Theme ( All things blue, yellow, green, etc.)
  • Health Nut Theme (Get protein bars, protein powder, vitamins)
  • Hygiene Theme (Include all hygiene products)
  • College Survival Kit (Coffee, gift cards, snacks)
  • Movie Night (Popcorn, candy, and a movie)

If you can’t think of anything, send me a message and I can help you!

Step three: SUPPLIES

Typically you will need theses eight supplies to decorate your box:

  • Multi-colored construction paper
  • Letter stencils
  • Glue sticks I don’t recommend liquid glue
  • Glitter/regular washable paint
  • Paintbrush to paint letters with
  • Pencil
  • Crayons or markers
  • Ruler

That should cover your basic supplies.


The best things to include are candies, nutritional bars, easy grab n go snacks like chips, Oreos, Cheez-its, even homemade cookies. Juice mixes and energy drinks are always a good thing to send also. You can include toiletries, playing cards, and magazines. If you are going to send anything liquid make sure to wrap it in a ziplock bag.

Lastly include a letter or two, sealed with a kiss.

That’s how to create the perfect care package for your loved one who is far away. I encourage you to give it a try.

  If you do make a care package send me a picture, I would love to see your creation!


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