Homemade Bath Bombs This post contains affiliate links. What’s more relaxing than a nice warm bath, right?! The answer is a bath with fizzy, delightful smelling, silky water. Try my bath bomb recipe & you won’t regret it… I PROMISE!! So everyone has heard of bath bombs, they’re super popular and fun to watch fizzle away before you get in the bath. So why not make your own? It can’t be that difficult right?! Well actually it was a little difficult, it was kind of like a chemistry project in my kitchen. BUT I figured it out, so you guys don’t have to. So first,Read More →

This Post Contains Affiliate Links Summer is approaching which means parents are looking for ways to entertain their kids! Some of these ideas are geared more toward younger children, but last summer when I was teaching, I learned kids of all ages love to create and play when it comes to hands-on activities! The Four Crafts I Will Be Going Over: DIY Slime Sensory Play Sand Sand Clay Craft DIY Plato SLIME: I remember making slime in grade school – and apparently, it has become very popular again with kids. Be thankful parents, because this is a SUPER easy & cheap thing to make atRead More →

Homemade Dishwasher Tabs First I will go over the dishwasher tabs & then the garbage disposal tabs! I run my dishwasher EVERY day, sometimes twice a day. I was going through dishwasher pods super fast & would always run out before I noticed, leaving me with dirty dishes. I took a look in my pantry & sure enough, I had all ingredients to make my own dishwasher tabs! Super easy & they really work! What You Need:   1 Cup Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda 2 Tbsp Salt 1/2 Cup Water – one tablespoon at a time 1/2 Tsp Dish Soap 15 drops EssentialRead More →

Homemade Laundry Detergent  Recently I have been trying to make my own cleaning supplies. Many times making your own products at home is cheaper, plus I like knowing exactly what I’m cleaning with! Laundry is a chore everyone has to do, especially when you have kids, there is always something that needs to be washed. I often find myself re-cleaning a lot of clothes because my washer or better yet, my detergent isn’t doing its job. I’ve tried both expensive and non-expensive laundry detergents. But still, haven’t found the perfect detergent. SO, I figured why not try making my own laundry detergent, I can putRead More →

  Ways To Actually Save Money Everyone is always looking for ways to save money, but they don’t always know where or how to start. Saving money isn’t something you learn overnight. You have to figure out where your money is going and where you can cut back. Before I got married I wasn’t worried about saving money, I didn’t know the importance of having a savings fund. And I surely didn’t realize that a hundred dollars really gets you nothing in adult life other than a lot of cheap wine! Being an adult is learning how to stretch that $100 & still afford that bottle of wine whileRead More →

If you are anything like me then you love candles. I can remember from a very young age getting new candles for every season & holiday. Sometimes I would go through candles in just a few days because I loved the scent. To this day I still have candles all over my house, some for decoration & some for using. My new obsession is wood wick candles if you haven’t checked them out I highly recommend it. They crackle like a fire and have a longer burning life. Anyway, after using candles for so long, I started to wonder what I could do with all those jars. IRead More →

  When my husband was deployed I got very creative with his care packages. Not only did I love sending him things but making the care packages also helped pass time. You can send a care package to anyone! A college student, friend, relative, it doesn’t have to be someone overseas. Before my husband was ever deployed we were living in separate states, and I would send him care packages just to show that I was thinking of him. I bet you can think of at least one person who could use a special care package! This Post Contains Affiliate Links  Here are my four easyRead More →