Have you ever gone to clean out your fridge and noticed your vegetables have started to sprout? I have! Instead of throwing out those sprouted veggies, you can regrow them again, and again. If you get really good at it, you can start an entire garden just from the fruits & veggies you have already bought. I have always loved gardening, I grew up with a big yard with tons of space to grow all the fruits and vegetables I wanted. Since I’ve moved and don’t have much of a yard. So, I brought gardening indoors! Not only is it fun, but it also addsRead More →

This Post Contains Affiliate Links   As soon as we moved to Hawaii I decided it was time to grow a pineapple. Little did I know, pineapples take three to four years to grow into an edible fruit. WHAT? I know it’s crazy. BUT they are super simple to grow and require minimal effort. Who doesn’t love a plant they don’t have to tend to very often? What’s cool about pineapples is that you can grow them indoors & outdoors. So, if you don’t live somewhere tropical, like Hawaii, then you can grow it in a sunny spot in your home. Since you have a pineapple onRead More →