Must Have Baby Items These last couple weeks I have been organizing, going through old clothes, and things we no longer use or need. When I made it to my son’s nursery I realized there were so many things that we never used, and never needed. I thought to myself what a waste! Because of this, I decided I would list some of the things that I have found the most useful for past nine months (time is flying!!) Being pregnant for the first time and preparing for a tiny little human is so fun, but you are also just guessing your way through the wholeRead More →

Baby’s First Books When I was pregnant the last thing I thought about was buying baby books. Honestly it just never came to my mind, and I’m not sure how that happened (pregnancy brain perhaps?). I had a total of three books before my son arrived. Yes, only THREE! Two were given to us and one we bought ourselves. It wasn’t until right after my son was born that we were gifted a lot of books, and that’s when I realized we had forgotten to buy baby books!   I have always loved children’s books. I had hundreds of books growing up. And of course, IRead More →

  Ways To Actually Save Money Everyone is always looking for ways to save money, but they don’t always know where or how to start. Saving money isn’t something you learn overnight. You have to figure out where your money is going and where you can cut back. Before I got married I wasn’t worried about saving money, I didn’t know the importance of having a savings fund. And I surely didn’t realize that a hundred dollars really gets you nothing in adult life other than a lot of cheap wine! Being an adult is learning how to stretch that $100 & still afford that bottle of wine whileRead More →

Seven months ago I was very pregnant, uncomfortable, and nauseous. I’m sure many of you can relate. I also bet you’ve heard at least one person tell you to relax while you’re pregnant? I now understand why everyone that has kids told me to relax. BUT, It’s hard to relax when you are bringing your first baby into the world. Luckily, I’m going to share some ways you CAN & should relax. During my 9 months of being pregnant, I had about 2 months (maybe) with no nausea, then you add anemia into the mix near the end, and I just didn’t feel good. But thereRead More →

Since I became a mom I’ve learned that sometimes your house will be messy, tasks won’t always get completed, laundry will constantly need to be cleaned, and you will forget things unless you write them down. Every mom, especially stay-at-home moms feel that their home is supposed to be perfect. I know that’s how I feel. Before having my son, I could clean when I wanted and do things as they needed to be done. But once I became a mom, things changed, and I have no complaints! Now, six months later I can say that I learned how to keep my house clean, organizedRead More →