Delicious Cheesecake Pops

Delicious Cheesecake Pops

Cheesecake Pops

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I’m sure everyone has heard of cake pops right?! Well, cheesecake pops are WAY better. I actually attempted to make cake pops before the cheesecake pops, but I was not a fan of them & they are more difficult/messy compared to cheesecake pops. So if you have a party coming up then you need to make these!!

Here’s what you need:

Cheesecake: I went with already made miniature cheesecakes & they are perfect for the pops! I found this cheesecake at Sams Club, in my opinion, these exact miniature cheesecakes are the key to this recipe. They’re a perfect size, easy to dip, freeze perfectly, they come in three flavors, & there are 63 of them! Way easier than making a cake for cake pops – believe me, I tried making cake pops first!!!

Melting Chocolate: I highly recommend getting melting wafers, they melt really easily and leave a smooth coat. I will link them here because they can be a bit difficult to find, at least in Hawaii.

Pop Sticks: I used paper straws which I found at Target in the party isle and cut them in half. They worked great & were easier to find than cake pop sticks.

Sprinkles, Candy Color, Gram Cracker Crumbs, etc. You can use whatever you want to decorate your cheesecake pops.

Tips Before You Start

There are a few things I learned that I want to share with you:

  • Use melting wafers- they worked way, way better than a regular chocolate bar.
  • Do NOT use regular food coloring to color the chocolate. It will make the chocolate thick which makes dipping the cheesecake difficult & they won’t look nearly as nice. Use candy color OR buy melting wafers that are already colored.
  • Always let your cheesecake freeze completely before dipping.
  • Last, it’s much easier if you have one person dip the cheesecakes and one person decorate before the chocolate cools.

Making The Cheesecake Pops

Making the pops is pretty simple, super simple if you have a microwave to melt your chocolate – we had to create a double boiler since we don’t have a microwave so it was a much longer process.

First, you need to put the sticks into each of the cheesecakes, and then freeze them overnight. They are much easier to dip when they are frozen completely.

Second, get all your toppings /decorations ready that way when you dip them in the chocolate you have everything out. The chocolate hardens pretty fast, so you only have a short window to get sprinkles or other toppings on. You also need a place to set your cheesecake pops on to harden and decorate. It’s best to use wax or parchment paper.

Third, melt your chocolate wafers, either in the microwave, a double boiler OR you can use our method and make your own double boiler with aluminum foil. (see picture below) – while your chocolate is melting, get out the frozen cheesecakes you want to dip. If you have questions about making the double boiler with aluminum foil feel free to ask!

Fourth, Dip your cheesecakes! Dip them so that the chocolate covers them completely and only dip them ONCE, if you dip them twice it won’t look so nice. Just one perfect dip! Then place them on the parchment paper & decorate them however you want. I went with a Red, White & Blue theme.

That’s it! I like my cheesecake frozen, so I placed mine back in the freezer after the chocolate hardened. You can make these days before a party & take them out right before you’re ready to serve. This is a super easy dessert or treat for party guests. Plus you can decorate them to fit any theme you desire.

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  1. This is awesome technique.. great tips.. yummylicious.. would surely try it at home..

    1. Author

      Thank you! It took a lot of time to figure out how to do it the correct way. But it’s super easy once you get the hang of dipping and decorating. Hope you try it out.

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