Five Ways To Actually Save Money

Five Ways To Actually Save Money


Ways To Actually Save Money

Everyone is always looking for ways to save money, but they don’t always know where or how to start. Saving money isn’t something you learn overnight. You have to figure out where your money is going and where you can cut back.

Before I got married I wasn’t worried about saving money, I didn’t know the importance of having a savings fund. And I surely didn’t realize that a hundred dollars really gets you nothing in adult life other than a lot of cheap wine! Being an adult is learning how to stretch that $100 & still afford that bottle of wine while also putting some money into savings.

Start Saving NOW

I’m still discovering new ways to save all the time. But over the last (almost) two years of marriage & now motherhood I have learned ways to ACTUALLY save!!

Saving Tip One: Say Goodbye To Cable

By getting rid of cable you could save hundreds of cash yearly. We decided to cancel our cable about a year ago and don’t miss it at all. We realized we were watching Netflix or Hulu more than our actual cable. So cut out cable & switch to a cheaper alternative.

Savings Tip Two: Eat Out Less

We have always done the majority of our dining at home. But we were still eating out at least once a week or bought snacks/dessert (we have an ice cream addiction) during the week. And that adds up over the month.

Figure out how much you spend on food (other than groceries) and cut that in half! We have stopped eating out so much and make 95% of our meals at home. The amount of savings that can come from this depends on how much you are spending monthly on dining out.

Savings Tip Three: Make Your Own Coffee Drinks

I’m adding this in because I know a lot of people stop at Starbucks or other coffee cafes daily. I wasn’t a big coffee drinker until recently, one iced coffee a day for both myself & my husband. We occasionally got Starbucks, but now it’s more of treat MAYBE once a month.

Buying your coffee drink of choice from a cafe could easily cost you $30 a week (probably more). When you could make it at home yourself. Look up your favorite drink & I bet you can find a cheaper alternative plus save time in the morning! That’s what I did!

My Biggest Savings Tool:

Savings Tip Four: Grocery Shop Smart (Best way to save money)! 

All these steps cut my grocery bill almost in-half.

Grocery shopping is a learned skill. When I first started grocery shopping I got whatever looked/sounded good and ended up spending hundreds of dollars each trip.

The first tip, shop alone! When you shop alone you are making all the decisions and no one is there to add things to your list. You will also shop at your own pace, which allows you to think before you buy. When I shop alone I save about $50 which is a ton!!

The second tip, make your list days before you shop. I do this because I always think of new things to add & I like to know exactly how many meals I need to buy for. This also allows you to look for coupons. I don’t have much luck using coupons but its something to look into!

The third tip, Stick to your list & use a calculator. I add everything that goes in my cart into my calculator so I know exactly how close I am to my spending limit. I always put a star next to things that I want but don’t need. If I am under my spending amount by the time I get everything I needed, then ill go back and get some of the things I want. 

The fourth tip, don’t buy prepackaged food/meals. We have never really bought frozen meals/food, they arent good for you & we don’t own a microwave so that keeps us away from those options.

Recently I have stopped buying pre-made or boxed side dishes, and have saved a lot of money. Buy fresh ingredients & make your own sides, it’s cheaper and healthier.

The fifth tip, buy off-brand items. This is also something new I have started doing. When you go to buy something, look around that area & you will probably find an off-brand option that tastes about the same & half the price.

Last grocery tip, don’t go back to the grocery store. I used to always run to the store for a specific ingredient or something that sounded good. This is a great way to waste money without noticing! Work with what you have at home & save that craving for your next grocery shopping day!

Savings Tip Five: Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies 

(DIY Cleaning Supplies Coming Soon- stay tuned.)

Cleaning supplies can add up, this includes paper towels. I never noticed how costly paper towels were & how fast I was going through them. I now buy paper towels once a month (about 6 rolls).

I use old baby burp cloths as my cleaning rags now, and they work great! Don’t waste paper towels on spills and regular cleaning!! You can even use old t-shirts.

Make your own cleaning supplies- you can make cleaning supplies with some common household items- I will actually be posting a ton of homemade cleaning supplies soon to help you save money!

 My husband & I both agree that it’s nice to eat out, buy things we want & treat ourselves once in awhile. Just because you cut back on spending doesn’t mean you have to cut back on everything!

Enjoy life while also saving!

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