How To Grow Your Own Pineapple

How To Grow Your Own Pineapple

Grow your own pineapple

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 As soon as we moved to Hawaii I decided it was time to grow a pineapple. Little did I know, pineapples take three to four years to grow into an edible fruit. WHAT? I know it’s crazy. BUT they are super simple to grow and require minimal effort. Who doesn’t love a plant they don’t have to tend to very often?

What’s cool about pineapples is that you can grow them indoors & outdoors. So, if you don’t live somewhere tropical, like Hawaii, then you can grow it in a sunny spot in your home.

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If you buy pineapples often you can even use them as gifts, just place them in a nice pot! Who wouldn’t love a pineapple plant!?

There are different ways to plant your pineapple, but this is the way I have always done it & it’s super simple.

 So here are my seriously simple steps:

One: Buy Your Pineapple

You need to buy a whole pineapple, it doesn’t matter where it came from, or what it looks like, just get one that has a healthy-looking top. If you want to start growing your pineapple as soon as you get home, you can just twist off the top and save the pineapple for later! If you are interested in making pineapple guacamole check out my delicious recipe here.

Just a little note to remember: The end of the branches on the pineapple will turn brown at some point, you can cut off the brown parts as needed if you want. This won’t harm the plant.

Two: Twist Off The Top

Ok, now you need to grab the head of the pineapple and just twist it off, simple as that! No mess! Make sure you twist and not pull!


Three: Place in water

Now that you have twisted off the pineapple head, you want to place it in a glass of water so the roots with start to grow. You will see roots start to grow within a day, but it will take a few weeks for them to get long. Make sure the bottom of the pineapple head is always covered with water.

Once your roots start to grow they will drink more water, so make sure it watch for that. I always change out my water every few days so it remains fresh.

 Four: Plant Your Pineapple Top

The last step is planting your pineapple, I suggest using a large pot. You can start with a small pot, but in my experience, a small pot only lasts a few months because they grow so quick. One of my pineapple plants broke a small pot and died, all because I didn’t get it moved into a bigger pot in time. So, make it easy on yourself and get a large pot, where it can grow forever.

Last, add the soil of your choice, (I use potting soil + fertilizer), place the head of your pineapple into the potting soil, just deep enough to cover the roots. All the branches should remain on top of the soil. Water your plant, and place it in a sunny spot. I water mine about once a week, make sure not to over water it. Just keep the soil most, over watering can kill the plant.

I will be adding a final photo of my pineapple, once it’s ready to plant!

Watch your pineapple grow & enjoy!

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