Must Have Baby Items

Must Have Baby Items

Must Have Baby Items

These last couple weeks I have been organizing, going through old clothes, and things we no longer use or need. When I made it to my son’s nursery I realized there were so many things that we never used, and never needed. I thought to myself what a waste! Because of this, I decided I would list some of the things that I have found the most useful for past nine months (time is flying!!)

Being pregnant for the first time and preparing for a tiny little human is so fun, but you are also just guessing your way through the whole process. You don’t really know what your baby will need or want until it’s actually here. And the fun part is… every baby is different! So, just because something worked for all of your friend’s babies, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you, or your baby. That’s why I am going to explain why all these things worked for me, my husband, and of course our baby.

My Baby Must-Haves

Everything I have listed here I personally own, use & love! (Affiliate Links) 

Halo Swaddle Sleepsack

I can’t say enough great things about the halo swaddle. My son, husband, and I were not fans of swaddle blankets. Babies easily wiggle out of them, or at least mine did. You have to unswaddle and re-swaddle with every diaper change in the middle of the night (which is a lot during the first couple weeks!). 

Our son could not sleep without being swaddled or held, so that meant we were up all night. We finally discovered & purchased the Halo Swaddle Sleepsack when my son was about three weeks old. As soon as we started using it he was sleeping 3-5 sometimes 6-hour stretches at night. And if he needed a diaper change all we had to do was unzip it. So easy & literally a lifesaver for tired parents! Like I said, we would have gotten zero sleep if it wasn’t for this swaddle!!

Tula Baby Carrier

I honestly don’t know how parents live without a baby carrier! I ultimately went with the company Tula because their prints are super cute, and the carriers are strong, comfy, and durable. This carrier is well worth the money!

A carrier was a must for us from day one because we skipped an infant car seat & went with a forever car seat, meaning it doesn’t come out of the car or clip into a stroller. It lasts forever – we never have to buy a car seat again for our son, which is pretty awesome. So every time we go anywhere my baby goes straight into his Tula & he loves it. I can clean, vacuum, cook, grocery shop, hike, really we can anything because of our Tula!

Sick kit 

Oh, the dreaded day your little gets sick for the first time. I just experienced this first-hand last week. They don’t tell you how scary or stressful it is when your baby is sick with a high fever for the first time. You kind of go into a panic-mom mode. But for the most part, you have to let the fever run it course, with some medicine per doctors orders and just snuggle & comfort your baby. Since you never know when your child is going to get sick or wake up with a fever, you need a sick kit! The main basics for us include:

Thermometer – so you can check your littles temp with ease!

Infant Tylenol / Ibphrophen – best to have multiples on hand so you don’t have to run to the store with a sick baby.

Nose Frida / Saline Drops – great for stuffy noses & its the only thing that really works!

Of course, it depends on what kind of illness your child has, so the list could go on & on. But having a thermometer to watch your child’s temp, medicine to make them feel better & reduce fever, and a nose Frida for stuffy noses/colds are just to get you through the first step of a baby being sick. 

Having all these things when my son woke up at 5 am with a fever was great, I was able to take his temperature, give him medicine, rock him back to sleep & and make sure his temp was going down and then I was able to go back to sleep. I didn’t have to rush to the store on top of being a worried mom at 5 am. 

Swaddle Blankets

Like I said before I don’t like to use swaddle blankets to swaddle BUT there are so many other uses for swaddle blankets that I love. So here are some of the ways I use them: breastfeeding cover, car seat blanket, stroller blanket, spit up rag, play area blanket – before my son could crawl I would put one or two swaddle blankets on the floor and lay him down on them, just so I knew that the area was clean.

 I also use the blankets as a padding/cover for my diaper changing area. I have three swaddle blankets folded in half, stacked on top of each other. This is great when your baby has a leak in his diaper because if a little poop gets on the blanket I can finish wiping him up and then take that blanket off and there’s a clean one under it. This way you aren’t trying to take off a changing cover while cleaning up an explosive diaper. Might sound gross but as long as you wash them right away you’ll have zero stains & clean blankets/changing station always. 

Burp clothes

Burp cloths are great! Of course, I used my cutest ones for the picture, but the rest of mine are just plain white clothes! These come in handy during the newborn months, when your baby spits up all over you. I remember always having a burp cloth within arms reach the first couple months. They are also great for the first few weeks of breastfeeding, especially if you have over production. The great thing about burp clothes… they are reusable! Since my son no longer spits up I use them as cleaning rags, which has decreased my use of paper towels a substantial amount. 

Baby Blanket

Every baby needs a blanket of their own. I love, love, love our Little Giraffe Blanket. It’s super soft, cute, and the perfect size. I used it so much when my son was a newborn. You can also make your own baby blanket for your baby, which I did as well, it was one of my ways to relax while pregnant. I plan on making a blanket for all my kids, just as something special to hold onto.

Lotion & Healing Balm

Healing balm is more important than lotion in my opinion but I added in lotion because a lot of baby’s get dry skin, and I’ve found that the honest company lotion is amazing, it’s hypoallergenic, makes my son’s skin smooth and has no harmful chemicals! 

 As for the healing balm, this stuff is amazing! It’s the only thing I have found that gets rid of diaper rash over night. Thankfully, we’ve only had a handful of diaper rash incidents but since I’ve used the healing balm we haven’t had any diaper rash. On top of that, it gets rid of any rashes, rough skin patches, etc. on babies skin. Just like the lotion its natural & doesn’t have harmful, awful smelling chemicals like other diaper creams. I really love these two products.

Rock N Play

Rock N Plays are great! My son slept in this rock n play/bassinet for about the first 3 months. I love our rock n play because you can scoot it all over the house or even bring it to other peoples houses for your baby. It’s just so convenient, way more convenient than your pack n play. The one you see in the picture came with the pack n play we bought, which I linked for you. This is a convertible rock n play/bassinet like I said. This is great for when dinner rolls around- put the baby in the rocker – eat dinner and use your foot to rock baby! 

Baby Monitor

A found that a baby monitor is just a nice thing to have. When I was pregnant I really didn’t want to get a video monitor, I thought I would never use it. Well, I actually use to every day. I love being able to check on my son at all times, and having a monitor allows me to do that. I swear every time I take a shower I think I hear crying, so having my monitor to check on my sleeping baby is so nice. The video monitor we went with is the Angelcare monitor, we went with this one because it was affordable, and so far has worked great for us. 

These are just some of my must have items as a mom- this doesn’t include things like a crib, stroller, car seat, clothes, etc. Just some things first-time moms don’t think about or aren’t sure if they should really purchase them. You can also check out my top must-have baby books! Every nursery needs books. Or, My Baby Item That I Use Every day.

Don’t forget to add all these things to your baby registry – which you can do here through Amazon. I love the Amazon Baby Registry because it allows friends and family from anywhere to purchase you & your baby a gift.













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